I’ve got some China Glaze Sunsational swatches to share today. This collection included 6 Jellies and 6 Cremes. I have 2 of each.

Neon & On & On, Shell-O, That's Shore Bright, Are You Jelly?

Neon & On & On, Shell-O, That’s Shore Bright, Are You Jelly?

First up is the Cremes. I found the first coat of these to be a bit streaky, but they evened out and became opaque in two coats for me. Though, if your nails have ridges, you may want to use a ridge filling base coat because these do have a tendency to be very unforgiving in that aspect. A top coat that is on the thicker side could help too.

Neon & On & On was a hard one to capture. It looks like a baby pink in the bottle but is incredibly bright once applied. Even brighter in person than this picture shows. I love colours like this on my toes.

China Glaze Neon & On & On

China Glaze Neon & On & On

That’s Shore Bright is a light purple creme. Not sure if I’d call this a neon, but it is really vibrant. I really liked this one, possibly my favorite of the bunch. It’s not really like anything else I currently have in my collection.

China Glaze That's Shore Bright

China Glaze That’s Shore Bright

Next up, we have the Jellies. These went on easier than the cremes, though being jellies, you need 3 coats to get good coverage. I found with two coats, there was still visible nail lines. The formula of these is great.

Shell-O is a bright coral pink. This one starts really sheer but builds up well.

China Glaze Shell-O

China Glaze Shell-O

Are You Jelly? is a medium purple. It was also sheer at first, but built up well.

China Glaze Are You Jelly?

China Glaze Are You Jelly?

This collection came out Summer 2013, but is still available online (and possibly in stores) at various retailers including Natali Products. They were kind enough to send me these 4 polishes from this collection for review. Please note that they cater to industry professionals such as Makeup Artists and Nail Technicians and aren’t open to the public. If you are a professional, you can order online or visit their showroom in Toronto.

I am such a sucker for neon polishes and will wear them all year,why just limit them to summer? I’m also realizing that I’d love more jelly polishes in my collection.

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    1. Jenn @ Scarlet Beauty

      I’m beginning to realize that my nail polish collection is more out of control than I originally thought. And now I’ll be getting monthly Julep boxes to add to it haha. Will my February box hurry up and come already?

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    1. Jenn @ Scarlet Beauty

      Why thank you! Getting it neat has taken me lots and lots of practice! This isn’t my first beauty blog so I used to do a lot of polish swatches back in the day. I find that it’s easiest to just try to do the absolute neatest job you can for the first coat of polish, and it’s easy to keep it clean for the 2nd (and third or whatever you’re doing). I just really take my time with each stroke, make sure there is just the right amount of polish on the brush. Better too little than too much, too much leads to it pooling in the cuticles. If all else fails I clean up the lines with a stiff makeup brush and some acetone. Hope that helps! :)

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